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Epidemiological Problem Foodborne Illness in the US - 1925 Words

Evaluation of Epidemiological Problem: Foodborne Illness in the US (Research Paper Sample) Content: Research on Foodborne Illness in the USNameInstitutionResearch on Foodborne Illness in the USIntroductionFoodborne disease has become a common health concern in the United States. In the contemporary United States, this illness is reported to have a yearly prevalence of approximately 9.4 million people. Consequently, over 1200 individuals succumb to this illness each year (Frias, 2012). Although studies have not categorized the prevalence of foodborne illness on the basis of income, race and ethnicity, it has been floated that this problem is more prevalent among low income earners. Overtime, there have been increased evidences showing that the illness is more common among minority groups in the US. Such high incidence of foodborne disease among low income earners and minority groups is estimated to result from poor levels of food services and improper retailing among others (Thorpe et al, 2013). Therefore, this paper explores foodborne illness (E. coli) as an epidemi ological problem among the population in the United States. Disease BackgroundBy definition, foodborne illness is a disease that infects an individual as a result of drinking or eating contaminated food that. Amazingly, this illness has been found to be linked with over two hundred pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, toxins and parasites (Young Waddell, 2016). Some of the common bacteria causing foodborne illness include E. coli, Vibrio spp, Shigella spp, Listeria Monocytognes and Yersinia spp. Parasites causing foodborne disease include Entamoeba histolytica, Toxoplasma caris, Giardia lamblia, Trichinella aspiralis, and Cyclospora spp among others. Toxins that cause foodborne include Bacillus cereus, Clostridium perfringes and Straphylococcus aureas (Ebel et al., 2016).Symptoms of foodborne illness include vomiting and bloody diarrhea which can persist for up to seven days. Other symptoms include fever, backaches, nausea, fatigue and cramps. Noteworthy, what is commonly referred to as stomach flu can sometimes be a serious symptom of foodborne disease. Foodborne illness has an incubation period of not more than seven days. Studies have shown that raw foods including animal products such as raw eggs, raw meat and unpasteurized milk are good candidates for E.coli. Furthermore, vegetables and fruits are also prone to get contaminated when washed with dirty water or during preparation. Moreover, this illness can be spread when a healthy individual consumes raw foods that have been touched by an infected person (Painter et al, 2013). In effect, this disease has become an epidemiological problem in the United States. Reports and studies on E.coli such as those done by the Centre of Disease Control (CDC) indicate that the disease is prevalent and has caused many cases of hospitalization and deaths in the US (Painter et al, 2013). The tables below provide the incidence of foodborne illness acquired both domestically and through other transmission routes. Table 1: Source. (Frias, 2012)Table 2: Source. (Frias, 2012)Apart from E. coli, there are other pathogens which cause foodborne illness leading to its high incidence in the US. Some of the major pathogens causing this illness domestically include Salmonella, Norovirus, Clostridium perfringes, Campylobacter spp, and streptococcus aureas (Painter et al, 2013). Tables below show estimated number sickness as caused by individual pathogens in the US. Table 1: Source. (Frias, 2012) Table 2: Source (Frias, 2012)Review of Current SurveillanceA number of foodborne illness cases in the US are still going unreported. However, the disease is reported to be more prevalent among minor groups such the poor in the United States (Henao et al, 2015). One thing that has greatly hindered investigation on the outbreak of foodborne disease in the US is absence of traceable contaminated foods. Surveillance is an appropriate and organized collection of data concerning epidemiological problem within a definite population. This process is done differently to various countries and depends on resource availability such as manpower, technical experts, infrastructure as well as the economic status of the country. The major surveillance methods used in the United States include the FoodNet and the routinely national surveillance which uses several illustrations (Young Waddell, 2016). Based on the surveill...

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Essay on Emergency Contraception - 871 Words

The idea of Emergency Contraception is not a new to society, however it is still igniting many debates just as it did when it was first introduced to the United States. Emergency contraception continues to be a highly emotional and controversial issue, both for advocates who believe EC will lower the number of unintended pregnancies and abortions, and for opponents who believe that using EC amounts to an abortion. The controversy fueling this debate centers around one of the ways that emergency contraception works. Emergency contraception can prevent or delay ovulation, affect the movement of the egg or sperm: making them less likely to meet, it can also interfere with the fertilization process and prevent implantation of a fertilized egg.†¦show more content†¦Some argue that a girl can get an abortion without parental notification in some states, so why not Plan B. While parents would like their children to wait as long as possible to begin having sex, the reality is that teens are having sex much younger than many parents think. Some teens, or preteens, begin having sex or engaging in sexual behavior in junior high. By the time they are seniors in high school, an estimated 65 percent of teens have had sex, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 2007. (Dawn, 2009). Unfortunately, a percentage of those teens will become pregnant. After more than a decade and a half of decline (a 27 percent drop from 1991 to 2000), teen birth rates rose again in 2006, which was the last year for which data are available. It is still unclear on what caused teen birth rates to rise again, with supporters of abstinence-only sex education programs and contraception-based programs each blaming the other side for the increase. However, a 2007 study in the Journal of American Public Health attributed the trend in decreasing pregnancy rates to improved contraception use among teens during that time. (Anderson Orr, 2009 ). Providing information about contraception andShow MoreRelatedSelf Emergency Contraception Is a Right Women Should Have1318 Words   |  5 PagesI will argue that pharmacists lack an absolute right to object the dispersal of emergency contraception. Further, I will argue that the reasons offered for refusals regarding emergency contraception by pharmacists are not reasonable, even given their moral reservations, providers have a professional ethical obligation to dispense emergency conception. The refusal to sell emergency contraception by pharmacists ultimately infringes on women’s right to exercise autonomy over their reproductive futureRead More Cause and Effect Essay - Emergency Contraception Causes Abortion952 Words   |  4 PagesEmergency Contraception Causes Abortion      Ã‚  Ã‚   Brown University associate professor of medicine, Ralph Miech, M.D., Ph.D., stated the abortive nature of EC in the Providence Journal on August 3, 1998: This type of pill causes an abortion. From a pharmacologic perspective, this type of pill should be called an abortion-after pill.    The question must be asked: How is this contraception? Women are being falsely led to believe that these pills are contraceptive in nature. But oneRead More Emergency Contraception Essay677 Words   |  3 PagesEmergency Contraception There are many myths surrounding the use of emergency contraception. The question of what it is and when to use it is just a fraction of the controversy surrounding this arguably new practice. Emergency contraception is a method of preventing pregnancy after the act of unprotected sexual intercourse. It does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. However, emergency contraception can not be obtained without a prescription. Why does the US government not trustRead MoreWhy Do We Continue to Debate the Use of Contraception Essay1572 Words   |  7 PagesContraception is it right or wrong and are you to young to decide for yourself? Recently we have been hearing a lot about Contraception ad if it is right or wrong and who gets to decide. The name of the Scholarly article that I chose to write about is, (Simonds Ellertson, 2004, p. 1285-1297) Emergency Contraception and Morality reflections of health care workers and clients. In the United States our government goes back and forth between trying to be conservative and trying to separate personalRead MoreEthical Considerations Project Essay610 Words   |  3 PagesConsiderations I believe the ethical considerations in Brownfield v. Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital is for all hospitals to provide all information and access to emergency contraceptives to sexual assault and rape victims. In the defense of Brownfield, emergency contraceptives, Plan B, and oral synthetic hormones is the most common type of emergency contraceptives that should have been disclosed to her upon her request. These contraceptives are often called the morning after pill or Plan B. Some legalRead MoreEthics Paper on Healthcare Policy645 Words   |  3 Pagesissue? The ethical considerations of this issue, is the responsibility of the hospital to provide all the relevant information concerning access to emergency contraceptives, for rape and sexual assault victims. Brownfield’s defense supports the idea that emergency contraceptives, Plan B, and oral synthetic hormones are the most common form of emergency contraceptives, and this information must be given to the victim upon her request. These contraceptives are called the â€Å"morning after pill or planRead MoreContraception Is An Entity That Many People Take For Granted1228 Words   |  5 PagesContraception is an entity that many people take for granted. In the past, women did not have any access to contraceptives because they did not exist at the time. As time passed, the thought of contraceptives began to bloom, but the idea was thought to be â€Å"obscene.† This was in a time where women had very few rights, and one of the rights they were forbidden to have was the righ t to have access to contraceptives and be active in the planning of their families and fertility. Whether in a relationshipRead MoreThe Morning After Pill Essay654 Words   |  3 Pageslife has begun, by preventing ovulation or implantation of a fertilized egg. The morning pills are a form of abortion. Just because the drug is legal doesnt men county health officials must provide it. Taxpayer money shouldnt be used for emergency contraception. The morning after pill is great in some ways but what about those who cant afford it or just cant stand giving up something they are responsible for. The morning after pill may be a good idea to some individuals but everyone is responsibleRead MoreContraception Insurance Mandate: The Religious Exemption Debate1616 Words   |  7 Pagesaccessible and affordable to millions of Americans (National Women’s Law Center, 2011). â€Å"Among the many firsts: employers that offer health insurance must cover certain preventative measures for women, including contraception† (Corbin 2013, p. 1470). This requirement has been coined the â€Å"contraception mandate† and has generated an uproar among many Catholic employers in the US (Corbin 2013, p. 1470); they believe it is in violation of their basic rights of religious freedom and freedom of speech to beRead MoreWe Live A Democracy?1256 Words   |  6 Pagesgetting pregnant reason being why some religious companies do not support the coverage of these contraceptives. A sense of man playing God and the intentional disregard of the science spectrum. The employers think that certain forms of contraception (emergency contraception pills and intrauterine devices) cause abortions. Dr. Jeanne A. Conry and Dr. Nancy L. Stanwood. Those type of views, makes the decision of covering contraceptives an issue throughout the nation. Outdated views and inaccurate knowledge

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Pollution Has Been A Growing Problem - 1481 Words

Pollution has been a growing problem since the rapid evolution of technology after the Industrial Revolution, which contaminated Earth with its byproducts of harmful chemicals and an ever growing pile of trash. From harmful chemicals in the air to plastic floating in the ocean, pollution has contaminated the very world we have been living in, slowly creating a bleak future for the new generations to come. I was a young child, unaware of the danger of just breathing the air and how dirty the world has become over the last few hundred years. Eventually, a life-threatening event changed that view forever and urged me to take a stance on the topic of pollution, changing my views and having a huge impact on my future. Before long, I had become†¦show more content†¦ [insert video here] Around fifth grade, I learned about climate change and its relation to pollution from school and research online. Climate change is a change in the weather and temperature around the world that lasts for a period of time. It affects many species and can even result mass extinctions, extinctions of many species around the same time. This discovery worried me, and the anxiety grew into trying to aid in the fight against pollution to prevent climate change from getting out of control and destroying the delicate ecosystems on Earth. As a result, I started to follow the news about climate change by aiding in the prevention of pollution, which is the main cause of global warming and global cooling, the effects of climate change, in different parts of the world. The predicted change in climate at that time scared me due to the unpredictable weather and possible harm it would bring to many of the animals of the world, creatures that I cared deeply about and wanted to desperately protect beca use of my previous dream of becoming a veterinarian, also known as an animal doctor. To this day, we have already lost many species in their fight to survive the drastic climate changes.

Leadership And Governance Southwest Airlines

Question: Describe about the Leadership and Governance for Southwest Airlines. Answer: Southwest Airlines is an established company that has able to attain a leadership position in the highly competitive market. High level planning is difficult and dangerous for major corporate entities. The sheer size of the organization and numbers of variables to be evaluated makes planning demanding and punishes poor groundwork. The danger of becoming overconfident during periods of prosperity and growth can inhibit contingency planning. Also, the best strategic plans need tactics to implement them before they can be successful (Daft, 2013). Heskett Sasser give an example of strategic planning over time with their case study of Southwest Airlines (2013). From the beginning as a small company to their dominance of the US domestic airline market 30 years later the authors track how they maintained their vision and transformed their strategy to remain distinctive while they experienced year-over-year growth. Based on the case study the major challenges of strategic planning, especial ly for large, complex organizations like Southwest airlines include increasing competition from other organizations, this led to the sale of a plane to cover costs in the first year (Heskett Sasser, 2013). There were also challenges with security as a result of 9/11, cost reduction, the status quo and technology (Heskett Sasser, 2013). At any point of time, there would be number of projects running for Southwest Airlines. It is important that the leaders and the managers of Southwest Airlines should have a deep understanding of different projects in the organization. The leaders would have a key role to take the organization forward and it can happen only when the company has effective governance structure in place (Baillien, 2009). The key elements of leadership and governance for Southwest Airlines can be shown as: Current project governance and leadership approaches The leaders of Southwest Airlines have a project governance structure to support strategic planning in the organization. Strategic planning is crucial to organizational development and long-term success. It refers to the ability to see the bigger picture and strategize a plan that takes into consideration external factors, environmental factors and focuses on the organizations ability to achieve their goals. When strategizing, the focus is largely on the value that can be offered to the customer (Daft, 2013). There are three levels of strategic planning that when broken down will assist individuals focus where they are and where their time and efforts are most effective: Corporate level- What business are we in? Business level How do we compete? Functional level- How can we support the business level strategic plan? New governance and Leadership approaches The new governance and leadership approaches for Southwest Airlines can be discussed as below: Board Level Zilberg (2013) suggest Boards serve a dual function; setting policy and providing leadership with flexibility for the operations of an organization. Moreover, Zilberg (2013) suggest Boards have the final and ultimate authority in respect to decision-making for all aspects of the organization. Kiel and Nicholson (2005) use the of four broad governance categories to illustrate why Enron and Hollinger International failed; strategic failure; control failure; ethical failure; interpersonal relationship failures. Moreover, Kiel and Nicholson (2005) suggest Board evaluations provide a process to identify concerns prior to reaching a crisis point for the purpose of promoting discussions and possible resolutions where having the proper framework will be imperative within complex environments. Downe, Cowell, and Morgan, (2016) observed when evaluating failure, the mechanisms for evaluating discipline disappeared when organizations had a large number of independent councilors further noting the failure to act on issues can become problematic thus forcing organizations to promote the presence of sub-climates and weakening the ethical climate overall within the organization. Portfolio management According to Aileron (2016), portfolio management is the process of looking at all of the things an organization could do and narrowing it down to what could be done successfully assisting in the determination of where to allocate resources, time, capital. The articles describes five key areas to focus on when strategically planning in any organization: Determine where you are- to gain an accurate picture of where your organization is actually at it is helpful to bring in an outside consultant that will provide an honest view point of where the organization is compared to where you thought it was or would want it to be (Kuvaas, 2010). Identify what is really important- utilizing the mission and the vision of the organization determine where you are going and if you are truly focused on the areas that were once identified as crucial and meaningful. Define what you must achieve- clearly identify objects and focus on them in the priority determined. Determine who is accountable- the mission, vision, objectives and plans are in place and now it is time to allocate resources, set clear expectations, and ensure individuals are held to their expectations. Review, review, review- hold regular meetings to ensure the plan stays the course and the objectives are still being met as determined previously. The review period is never over (Aileron, 2016). Program Management It can be said that Program management is key to success. The worst thing that you can do is to make spur of the moment decisions. Careful plan keeps you from avoiding costly mistakes. SWA (Southwest Airlines) had a vision, which paid off. At a time when airlines were going out of business, they took a chance by investing in an idea that was unique to the airline industry. In my opinion, SWA (Southwest Airlines) stands above other airlines because of their willingness to cut their prices, and remain simple. In value proposition element many factors can be seen in this case: the airline emphasized on recruiting agents and staff with positive personalities. Also, it focused on a culture Committee, took into consideration all of the employees ideas, and engaged in teamwork commitments (Heskett Sasser, 2013). One of the Value proposition elements is Sold 737 Boeing Jets at remarkably below asking price, as a way to start a bold business relationships between Boeing and SWA (Heskett Sas ser, 2013). One of the Destination point element is The 10 minute turnaround time from gate arrival at the gate to push back was barely one-fifth the average of competitors minimizing the turnaround time (Heskett Sasser, 2013). Linking of corporate and project strategies Many factors challenged the implementation of the strategic planning process, such as increase competition from other airline due to the change in market, providing lower fare prices, rise in the cost, and many changes in the customers requests and accommodations. The company wasnt able to maintain the 10 mn turnaround, due to the increase in seat and suitcases. Multiple outside factors that challenged portfolio and program management such as selling one of the organizations in one site in order to continue to stay in business, and a four-year lawsuit brought by competitors in order to prevent the company from operating in Texas. Another factor that most likely affected the rest of the airlines was cost reduction after 9/11 (Heskett Sasser, 2013). Governance of individual projects According to Taugher (2009) and Olsen (2009), businesses should devise five to six objectives and create business strategies to reach these goals. They should be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) and the goals should be targeted toward the level of involvement. More specifically, the actions or behaviors to be implemented or changed should be implemented at the level of the organization, the department, or even the individual accordingly. Larger organizations have a bigger challenge because there are usually multiple locations, departments, and en enormous amount of staff. Creating sub groups or committees can help to better define the current strengths and weaknesses as well as areas for opportunity or threats. In these cases, leaders are defined to help assess issues and then carry information down the line to the end user individuals. The beginning of any good company is the vision of what is possible and to see opportunities that are there and have the skills and equipment to take advantage of the situation in a timely fashion (Thomas, 2012). At the time Southwest Airlines started their vision was clear. One of the excellent points is that leaders may sometimes fail to support their own strategies. The leaders and managers of Southwest Airlines have been using LEAN rollouts where senior leaders have proclaimed that they are going to become a LEAN organization. Strategy and relationship with different stakeholders A strategic plan must contain several key elements. The plan must include clear communication of the strategy. A strategic planning task force consisting of members of the organizations leaders and key business areas and departments to ensure high level input and buy in. The strategic plan must include a vision to the future. The organizations mission statement of who they are and what they are in the market. The plan should include a statement of the organizations values as a guideline of the behavior that is acceptable for staff. Goals and objectives that are clear and measurable (Carrillo, 2005). Be sure to assign specific tasks to the organized groups. These tasks should be clear, specific, and measurable and time sensitive for completion. Once the plan has been constructed and outlined, an implementing strategy needs to be formulated. The implementing strategy pulls all of the pieces of the plan together. An finally, a system of monitoring all of the ongoing tasks and deadlines of the plan. The monitoring and analysis of the plans is key to the success. Changes and adjustments may be needed or problem solving for potential or realized problems can be completed. Leadership Lack of leadership can be a reason for organizations to collapse. The leaders of Southwest Airlines have realized that when there is lack of leadership support, any strategic plan will fail. Leaders have to show up at the right time and engage with the right people and most importantly continue to convey the vision, mission and values of the organization. The leaders have to ensure that they are not too ambitious. It would be correct to say that having too many goals will make it hard to focus on main objectives (Dierendonck, 2015). Failure to integrate the plan into the culture, operations, and budget- if the company objectives are somehow separated from the daily life, it makes it hard to sell the mission, vision and values. Lack of momentum in the short term- planning process should create momentum by having shorter time frames during which assessments and reassessments needs and corrections made. Failure to do so will lead to loss of enthusiasm. One major challenge to a major corporation is choosing the best strategic plan. There are many plans to consider. Each plan takes into consideration many aspects of the new vision, the leadership involved, the cost, focus and environment (Daft, 2013). Choosing the wrong strategy can be disastrous for the corporation that attempts to apply it to their business plan. The loss of time and money can have such a negative effect that the corporation may never recover. The corporations leaders must have an accurate account of the vision, the financial stability, the market in which they are involved, trends and changes, innovations. Choosing the best strategic plan to implement can be a pivotal decision for any corporation or leader. The solvency of the entire corporation may depend on the outcome (Phelps, 2007). Self Reflection and Analysis In the case study the top company executives had a vision of what they wanted to achieve, they had a mission where they wanted the company to be who they wanted to serve and they planned what kind of services they wanted to offer. They then created a corporate culture that served the company very well and continues to serve it (Smith, 2008). Hiring of the people with great positive personalities, modeled that culture of a servant heart with fun LUVing attitude. Communication is utilized very well from creating the corporate culture, to marketing to even the corporate events and every step of the planning. In the case study we see the executives plan, assess and evaluate the process like when they have to change existing policy and come up with new policy such as bags fly free and expanding flights into other key cities. I believe the largest issue in large or small organizations is communication. They seem to treat information like the CIA or FBI, a need to know bases but everyone should really know what is going with the organization and how it will affect their job. If communication were open and announced employees would feel they are of value and their ideas and thoughts matter. I can say that the leaders should also develop the art of conflict management within the organization. I have learned that the organizations should not try to avoid the conflicts. In fact, organizations and leaders should confront the conflict to get the best in the difficult situations. It is also important for people to use the negotiation skills to resolve the conflict. The focus of the organizations should be the achievement of end objectives (Nissen, 2007). The leaders should also have the ability to understand the viewpoints of different stakeholders. The project governance and corporate governance should be establ ished so that all the stakeholders could work in a collaborative manner. References Aileron, (2015, October 25).5 steps to a strategic plan. Forbes. Retrieved from: Baillien, E., De Witte, H. (2009). Why is organizational change related to workplace bullying? Role conflict and job insecurity as mediators.Economic and Industrial Democracy,30(3), 348-371. Ellis, S. E. (2010). Introduction to strategic planning in student affairs: A model for process and elements of a plan. New Directions for Student Services, 2010(132), 5-16. Easterby-Smith, M., Lyles, M.A. and Tsang, E.W.K., (2008) Inter-Organizational Knowledge Transfer: Current Themes and Future Prospects, Journal of Management Studies, 45(4), pp677-690 Giolito, V., Van Dierendonck, D. (2015, January). Servant leadership: influence on financial business-unit performance and employee's well-being. In Academy of Management Proceedings (Vol. 2015, No. 1, p. 18378). Academy of Management. Kiel, G. C., Nicholson, G. J. (2005). Evaluating boards and directors. Corporate Governance-an international review 13(5) 613-631. Kuvaas, B. Dysvik, A. (2010) 'Does best practice HRM only work for intrinsically motivated employees?',International Journal Of Human Resource Management, 21 (13), pp. 2339-2357 Nissen, M.E.(2007), Knowledge management and global cultures: elucidation through an institutional knowledge-flow perspective, Knowledge and Process Management, Vol. 14 No. 3, pp. 211-25 Phelps, R., Adams, R., Bessant, J. (2007). Life cycles of growing organizations: A review with implications for knowledge and learning. International Journal Of Management Reviews, 9(1), 1-30. Heskett, J. L., Sasser, W. E., Jr. (2013).Southwest Airlines: In a different world. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School. Robison, H.S., Carrillo, P.M, Anumba C.J., Al-Ghassani A.M,, (2005) "Knowledge management practices in large construction organisations", Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, Vol. 12 Iss: 5, pp.431 445 Thomas, K. W. (2012). Conflict and conflict management: Reflections and update.Journal of organizational behavior,13(3), 265-274. Taugher Change Catalyst Consulting. (2009). Strategic and operational planning. Retrieved from Zilberg, T. (2013). Understanding the role of boards in contemporary organizations.Managerial Challenges of the Contemporary Society,(6), 174-179.

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War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy and Dulce et decorum est by Wilfred Owen Essay Example

War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy and Dulce et decorum est by Wilfred Owen Essay Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Today Im going to focus mainly on two poems, War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy and Dulce et decorum est by Wilfred Owen respectively. Both of them are war poems but are written from different perspectives. War Photographer is from the point of view of a war photographer and Dulce et decorum est is written from the view of a soldier. We can observe the contrast between different roles performed by different people in war. The soldiers are the one doing all the fighting in the frontline, which seems that it will never end, and is highlighted by the phrase and towards our distant rest began to trudge. Distant rest can symbolize death, as the soldiers can only rest and achieve peace through death, having a meaning that the soldiers have to fight on until the moment they die. As for the tasks of the photographer, he has to snap shots on the battlefield, capturing the sufferings of both the soldiers and the public. Though the speaker did not directly portray the war photographer filming the sufferers in war but she did hinted so by the line with spools of suffering set out in ordered rows. Referring to the films which show real faces of war victims. And also this line solutions slop in trays between his hands which did not tremble then indicating that the war photographer has frequently experienced war that he is so familiar and professional with his job. Then the war photographer would leave for a safer place, like rural England, carrying the image of their suffering while the sufferers lingered behind on the edge of death. This is shown by the image of safety in the aeroplane looking down on the conflict and bloodshed. Eventually, the war photographer had to organize the photo whish his editor will pick five or six for Sundays supplement. We will write a custom essay sample on War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy and Dulce et decorum est by Wilfred Owen specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy and Dulce et decorum est by Wilfred Owen specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy and Dulce et decorum est by Wilfred Owen specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer War causes serious consequence not only on those who experienced or witnessed war but also their families and friends. The cries of a mans wife indicates the intensity of suffering both emotional and physical embraced by people involved in the war. It also (indicates) that suffering is not only inflicted on the individual but his family as well. With eyes rhyming with cries, it heightens our sympathy towards the victims in war as it appeals to both the readers sense of hearing and seeing. From Dulce et Decorum est, no doubt the soldiers suffer from war. They are painted by simile as old beggers, hangs or a man in fire or lime. It creates an images of men trapped in war like animals in a cage struggling to be released and some are guttering, choking, drowning. The repetition of the application of ing here, conveys the continuos movement of struggling and reveals the long period of sufferings. These descriptions are ironic because to the public, war is something to be proud of, it is something worth dying for and brings great dignity. But the reality is war is not what it seems to the public, propaganda has made something so horrific into something dignified In all my dreams before my helpless sight, conveys the suffering went through by the sacrificed soldiers have long-term effect on those who survive. The images of suffering and the horrific experience witnessed in war appears frequently in their dreams and its just uncontrollable and inevitable. The run-on-lines in this poem also shows that suffering is continous and non-stop. All these vivid aspects of exhausted soldiers and the true horrendous aspects of war have the intention to unmask the reality of war and let us feel the sense of disgust and frustration felt by all the soldiers. As we flipped through the newspaper, does anyone one of you totally trust what the newspaper reports? No one, right? Congratulation, u are all witty people. Just take a look at this apple daily newspaper. Obviously, the primary objectives of the publisher are not to provide accurate articles, its aim is definitely to attract more readers and maximize profit. If you guys read Chinese newspaper, which I assume most of you dont, you should know that Apple Daily is known for its super large and usually a bit exaggerated title when compared with other newspaper, like South China Morning Post. Its strategy is to make the title more shocking or fascinating, which usually convert some of the real detail of the news. In War Photographer, a hundred agonies in black and white, a hundred agonies show real emotion and unsimplicity but black and white is simplistic and the censored version and is what the readers see. Just like the Apple Daily newspaper, the pictures will be reduced to one illustration in the Sunday papers, removing the real agony of the photographs subject.

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4 Business Writing Lessons from Steve Jobs

4 Business Writing Lessons from Steve Jobs Visionary Steve Jobs passed away yesterday from the same illness that took my father. I've long admired Steve Jobs' vision and passion and creativity, and already today I've used my iPhone and iPad, and I'm writing this with my MacBook. He allowed mere mortals, like me, to embrace the amazing daily integration and freedom of accessible technology, and in the process changed the way we all work and communicate. Because of my father's battle with pancreatic cancer, I've known what Steve Jobs was battling these past few years, and my admiration for him grew. He clearly focused his creativity even more intensely during this precious time. And, when it was time to let go of Apple, he did. To me, Steve has demonstrated the four most important aspects for social and business growth, and for good business writing: Understanding of goals and purposeApple created products that improved productivity and connection in work and life, by simplifying and integrating. And, that goal continued to burn, with passion, as possibilities and technologies evolved. The focus was on the end-user, always. Good writing mirrors this. A document needs to meet your reader's needs. The creative process of writing belongs to the writer, but ultimately, the goal is always to enable the reader to know or do something better. UsefulnessApple has such devotees (me included) because the products integrate so beautifully, making communication flow better.Too often in writing, we create murky communication flows and over-complicate structures. A report, an email, a proposal all need to serve a real and clear purpose. ClarityApple's designs are simple and clean and functional. I learned only last night that this inspiration came from caligraphy classes early on in Steve Job's education.One of my favorite quotes about writing is from Blaise Pascal:"I'm sorry for the length of this letter. I did not have time to make it shorter." Clarity requires work and sharp honing. Integrity Steve Jobs was notoriously demanding. But, this was fueled by the desire to create something of excellence.Business writing is the most interesting form of rhetoric to me, because it is constantly evolving. I am so heartened by the evolution towards clarity and authenticity in business writing. Business-speak, and inscrutability, is fading. We now should "write to express, not to impress." Human to human connection awareness is increasing in business writing. Thank you, Steve Jobs, for making my work and communication flow better, and for the inspiration. I love your products, and admired your creativity and passion. Rest in peace.

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The Shifting Heart (Drama Play) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Shifting Heart (Drama Play) - Essay Example Racism is not just evident in terms of different races but among the rights being provided to men and women further resulting in other conflicts which may damage social organization of institutions. These can be the castes issues, status consciousness, corruption in order to provide the best to ineligible, power conflict etc. This paper aims to discuss different societal problems in the society by considering The Shifting Heart as the base source for analysis. Furthermore, the paper will also constitute different examples of racism, gender discrimination and social conflicts with the aid of different characters of the story. Despite increasing the economic surplus of modern states, it is an evident fact that even the modern countries or developed countries of the world are noting increased number of social conflicts. It should be noted that conflicts arise when there is a difference in approach of associating in a community. Considering the case of Australian society, the play The Sh ifting Heart has been written to represent the social differences and aspects of social disorganization in Australian society. The playwright has noted a number of societal issues such as gender discrimination, racial discrimination etc. as the root cause of social disorganization in the society (Benyon). The gender discrimination is quiet evident in the play as the stage setting shows three families which are in war with each other because of being racially different. It can be noted that the families have shown a great deal of gender discrimination. The Italian family or Bianchi family shows hatred against the neighboring family of Fowler. This hatred shows a contempt or in other words gender discrimination that the Bianchi family does not allow the women of the Fowler family to be treated with any respect. However, this is different in terms of bianchi’s own family that the women in Italian family are given much respect along with communicating with them in a very positive and polite manner (Benyon). Racial Discrimination With the help of evaluation of the stage setting, it can also be noted that the families at war with each other have totally outlawed each other in terms of actions. It can be noted by the analysis of stage setting that the walls between the families include barbed wire. The barbed wire can also be noted as a way of disintegrations of association among the members of the society. Despite being different from each in terms of races, both the families’ represent a similar society or a community. This is exemplified by Lukie and Clarry in Stage III. Lukie and Clarry exchange harsh words at their first acquaintance. While Clarry says that he likes nothing about Lukie (Beynon, 93), Clarry sarcastically tells Lukie he, â€Å"†¦Must be feeling as if he’s on top of the world† Clarry’s bellicose nature is further exposed when he, upon learning that Lukie had apprehended some suspects in relation to Ginoâ€⠄¢s beating, asks Lukie if he is after some promotion (Beynon, 97). It is clear that with this state of affairs characterizing interpersonal relationships among people of different races, social cohesion remains nearly unachievable (Benyon). Class consciousness is another issue that can arise if there is racial discrimination among two parties of the society. This is evident in the case of both the families at w